Store name

Lagoon Japanese Hair Salon

Work location

11/F Biz Aura, 13 Penninton Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Working Hour

10:00~19:00 (We have flextime)
(preparation should finish until 9:40)

Start cleaning on 9:40→10:00 Open
19:00 close including tidy up


◆Guaranteed salary of $18,000 plus Perfect attendance allowance $2,000
*The first three months is a training period.

└If the commission amount exceeds the guaranteed salary, the higher amount will be  paid.
*Both new and regular clients are eligible for the same 50% commission rate.
*The first three months is a training period.
When the bookings from regular clients comes to stability, the average monthly salary  will range from $40,000 to $50,000


Over 115 days of annual holidays.
Weekly two days off:usually the 8th or  9th day, and weekends off as well.

Public holidays such as Lunar New Year and National Day, totaling 12 days per year.

7-14 days of flexible paid leave per year, depending on employment status.

Job Description

The main responsibilities of the position include customer service and various salon  operations such as
Appointment management, cleaning, laundry, stock management, reception, ordering,  data entry.

Required Experience

Minimum of 3 years of experience as a stylist.
Technical skills assessment prior to joining.


MPF (Mandatory Provident Fund)
Transportation allowance

We are seeking individuals who

*Can adhere to regulations.

*Approach customers with sincerity and dedication.

*Value teamwork and care for their colleagues.

*Honest Sincere, refrain from gossiping, criticizing.

Our salon is suitable for anyone

*Tired of current work style.

*Have concerns about their technical skills but still have a passion for customer service  and learning in the field of beauty.

*Have an interest in Japanese culture, techniques, and work practices.

*Feel that their current workplace is restrictive, and stressful in terms of interpersonal  relationships.

To those who are considering applying

Our Dreams and Aspirations
Hong Kong is known for having the toughest working environments in the world. In the  beauty industry, there are exceptional individuals who thrive, earn high salaries, and  enjoy a good lifestyle. However, we also hear about many hairdressers who work in  challenging conditions, earning low wages without being able to achieve the same level  of success.  
Despite putting in years of practice and effort, it can be difficult to make a  breakthrough. It’s possible that some may have misdirected their efforts. There are  specific know-how and strategies to gain customer support and increase revenue. We want to share the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated, and create  opportunities for those who have struggled to shine.  
Our aim is to provide an environment where hairdressers can enjoy their profession,  have sufficient income to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, and still have time for their  personal lives.
Our Services
We cater to a high-class clientele in Hong Kong, with an average price range of $1300  to $1500. The customer base is composed of approximately equal proportions of Hong  Kong locals and Japanese clients. Our services are favored by individuals in the age  range of 30 to 60, regardless of gender.  
To ensure that we can provide dedicated attention to each customer without being  rushed, we operate on an appointment-only basis. Once the last customer is taken care  of, our system allows our staff to head home, eliminating the need to work under time  constraints.

System and Environment

◆Our shop is located in a prime location in Causeway Bay, the busiest district in Hong  Kong.
◆Mostly our clientele is high-class, and we ensure that we schedule appointments  carefully, allowing us to focus on each individual. This means we don’t exhaust ourselves  with a high volume of customers every day.
◆Our services come at a higher price point, allowing us to generate substantial  revenue.
◆We also prioritize your personal time, ensuring that you can spend quality time with  friends and family.

Application Process

Please feel free to inquire via WhatsApp.
Submit your resume, visit the salon, and have an interview
Technical assessment
Employment decision
Joining the company

※ Please note that the hiring process may be subject to change.